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Chip Guan Heng Traditional Ice Cream Cart Events Catering Services

Sweet nostalgic delights for your party guests

Events and catering services to bring that extra joy to any occasion.

You no longer have to hunt for the elusive ice cream uncle anymore, for we’ll bring the ice cream cart to you! We provide traditional ice cream push cart rental as well as live scoop stations which are perfect for any weddings, corporate or private events.

Delight your guests or colleagues with our wide range of customizable options suitable for any occasion of any scale! Drop us your event details in the enquiry form below or contact our friendly sales team for a quotation now!

Traditional Ice Cream Push Cart

Reminisce your childhood with our traditional ice cream push cart.

Ice Cream Live Scoop Station

Beat the heat at your event with our ice cream live scoop station. Large Waffle Cone option available.

Pre-packed Ice Cream Station

Hassle-free pre-packed ice cream with servers, perfect for events and roadshow giveaways. Simply make an order to rent a station. The freezer rental option is available at Checkout.

Ice Cream Display Freezer Rental

Self-service ice cream kiosk without manpower for your guests. The freezer rental option is available at Checkout. Start ordering now!

High-Quality Food Grade Dry Ice

Whether you need dry ice for industrial purposes, scientific research, food storage, or special effects, we have you covered. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive the highest quality dry ice to meet your event needs.

Our Past Events

Every day is a chance to create fond memories for not only our clients, but also ourselves. Here are a few we'd like to share.

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