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Since 1970, our mission has been, and still is, to spread the joy of ice cream to everyone. We started out by supplying traditional, locally manufactured ice cream products to ice cream uncles and aunties, and we have not stopped. Over the years, we’ve expanded our range of products to include a wide variety of brands, flavours, and types of ice cream.

And not just that. From traditional rainbow bread, to gelato waffle cones, ice cream cups, and pint containers, we are ready to support your wholesale needs for all things ice cream. Contact us today for exclusive wholesale prices and free cone samples!


Cafe & Restaurant Supplies

Traditional rainbow bread, gelato waffle cones, ice cream pint tubs, containers, you name it!

We love supporting and working with other home-grown businesses. If you are in the cafe or restaurant business, searching for a supplier for ice cream or gelato products and packaging, look no further.

Besides distributing to ice cream uncles, we’ve also had the pleasure of supplying for local gelato shops and cafes. Some of our long-term partners include Apiary and Wicked Cream, who have been with us since 2018. Another is Sweet Cheeks, a gelato maker we’ve been partnering with since its inception.

Birthday Party Ice Cream Live Station

Classic Favourites & Exciting New Products

Our products cater to end-customers of all generations.

We are proud to be the leading distributor of F&N ice cream products. We offer timeless classics from Magnolia and King’s, ranging from pre-packed cup, stick, wafer and cone ice creams to tubs and even hawker packs. Think old-school flavours like neapolitan, vanilla, mint with chocolate chips, and regional favourites like durian, yam, black sesame, onde onde, and many more.

For the cool kids and young-at-heart, we offer recent cult favourites such as Binggrae’s Melona ice cream sticks,  Samanco fish-shaped waffle ice cream and Baileys ice cream pint!

Other brands in our catalogue include Bulla, Ekselence, Shapetime, POLS and 100 Plus, with more coming on the way.

Festivals & Events Catering

We are ready to liven up your event.

From wedding banquets, to annual school events held on Children's Day, Teacher's Day, or Sports Day, to corporate roadshows and D&Ds, we have worked with clients to deliver more joy during these celebratory moments. Visit our Services page to learn more about our catering services.

Wholesale Partners

Our Lovely Partners

We take pride in our clients' satisfaction. Here are some local businesses and organisations we've had the pleasure of serving.

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